Getting Here

You can map out how to get to Stewart International airport by putting in your beginning destination and following the instructions. Be aware that if you are driving, there are places that might have tolls. So make sure to top off your EZ Pass or bring lots of change to go through the checkpoints.

By UFO/Spaceship

Mission: We hope you set it in your fancy GPS with alien technology to land at the Stewart International airport. You are not, and we repeat, you are not allowed to hover over the festival grounds as it will singe the grass and/or the cosplayers below. We welcome all kinds of cosplayers, aliens, X-Men & Women to The Cosplay Festival. Ps: There is no parking for spaceships nearby. Be guided accordingly.

By autonomous Uber

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Location to be announced

We can't wait to party with you all weekend. Be sure to stay connected with us on Instagram to find out all the latest details on the The Cosplay Festival movement.