World of Cosplay

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat, we're not saying that there are not other cosplayer events, we're saying this is the ONLY cosplayer event that you CAN'T NOT attend!

ATTENDING THE MAJOR CONS: Are you kidding, of course you gotta be at the big cons, shit, we'll be there too, well the day before our major festival begins. We want you to be among your cosplay peers and actually party, devoid of being heavily marketed to. Come and dance once you get past the Cos Royal guards and make your way into our Cos Kingdom.

RECOGNIZING COSTUMES Um, yes! We know how hard and how many hours you worked on your sewing, glueing, battery-operated placing, makeup and overall character adjustments. We want to recognize & reward you for all of your hard work. Welcome to The Cosplay Festival - You're welcome.

CONTESTS We're excited to give away prizes to our attending cosplayers (in cash) right then and there if you're tapped by one of our R&R (Recognize & Reward) judges. Hey that's some extra scratch in your pocket. Put it back into your cosplay piggy-bank.

Knowing all of this, like we said, "How can you NOT" attend The Cosplay Festival? That would be the ultimate FOMO.